The Regional ITS Architecture resulted from the consensus input of a diverse set of stakeholders, encompassing traffic, transit, public safety, and many other operating agencies at local, state, and national levels. It includes both public and private sectors and spans the organizations that manage, support, or are impacted by the surface transportation system, with particular focus on agencies that operate transportation systems in the region.

Archived Data UsersSystems, individuals, or agencies that utilize archive data. These users may be part of public agencies or external third parties.
City of SpokaneMunicipal government of the City of Spokane, including Public Works. Owns and operates ITS and communications infrastructure throughout the City. A participating agency of the Spokane Regional Transportation Management Center.
City of Spokane ValleyMunicipal government of the City of Spokane Valley, including Public Works. Owns and operates ITS and communications infrastructure throughout the City. A participating agency of the Spokane Regional Transportation Management Center.
Event Hosts and VenuesOrganizations that conduct events that affect traffic operations in the region. May include educational institutions, special events, sporting venues, large commercial centers, etc.
Idaho Transportation Department (ITD)Agency responsible for transportation infrastructure, operations, maintenance, and planning in Idaho, including Transportation System Management and Operations and statewide ITS infrastructure. Headquartered in Boise, Idaho. ITD District 1 encompasses the northern panhandle adjacent to the Spokane region, including urbanized Kootenai County. In recent years ITD has strengthened its partnership with the Spokane Regional Transportation Management Center given the bi-state nature of the metropolitan area along the I-90 corridor.
Local Emergency RespondersLocal emergency response agencies in the region, including sheriffs' departments, police, fire, ambulance, etc.
Local MediaNews, radio, and other public/broadcast media that disseminate traveler information.
Local MunicipalitiesLocal cities and towns in the region in both eastern Washington and in northwestern Idaho not otherwise represented in the stakeholder list. Examples include Millwood, Cheney, Liberty Lake, Medical Lake, Airway Heights, Post Falls (ID), and Couer d'Alene (ID). Depending on their size and transportation needs, these municipalities may or may not operate ITS infrastructure or play an active role in transportation incident response.
North/West Passage CoalitionA multi-state coalition focused on coordinated, cross-border collaboration for traveler information on Interstates 90 and 94 across the northern U.S. Both Washington and Idaho are members of the Coalition.
Other Transit ProvidersIncludes transit and paratransit providers other than Spokane Transit Authority, e.g. the Gold Line Express between Spokane and Kettle Falls, tribal transit services, and as well as human service transportation agencies.
Other Weather ServiceSources for weather forecast information that may be distributed through information service providers.
Private Ground Transportation ProvidersOperators providing private ground transportation, such as taxis, limos, commuter and intercity buses, etc., e.g. Greyhound Lines and Spokane Taxi.
Private UtilitiesEntities that own and operate electric, cable, gas and other utility services. Maintenance and construction of this infrastucture may cause closures or delays on area roadways, and are a significant factor in coordination of regional construction activity.
RailroadsAll Class I and II railroads oparating in the region, including BNSF, Union Pacific, and Amtrak.
Spokane CountyGovernment of Spokane Coumty, including Public Works. Owns and operates ITS and communications infrastructure throughout the County. A participating agency of the Spokane Regional Transportation Management Center. Also includes the Spokance County Department of Emergency Management, a key player in regional emergency preparedness and response. Also includes Spokane County Commute Trip Reduction, which promotes many programs including ridesharing.
Spokane County Sheriffs OfficeThe sheriff's office for Spokane County, its law enforcement arm.
Spokane Regional Transportation Council (SRTC)The federally designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and the state designated Regional Transportation Planning Organization (RTPO) for Spokane County. The agency is responsible for collecting transportation data, projecting the need for infrastructure, and prioritizing projects based on available funding. SRTC is a "consumer" of operations data for plannign and performance measurement purposes, and is also involved in funding of ITS implementation projects.
Spokane Regional Transportation Management Center (SRTMC)The SRTMC is a multi-jurisdictional control facility to enhance and support advanced transportation management capabilities. Its Transportation Management Center provides 24/7 traffic management capabilities for the Spokane region. SRTMC is controlled and funded by the Cities of Spokane and Spokane Valley, Spokane Transit Authority, Spokane County, Washington State Department of Transportation, and the Spokane Regional Transportation Council. The Idaho Transportation Department is an emerging partner agenciy in the SRTMC consortium.
Spokane Transit AuthorityThe primary public transportation authority for the Spokane region, operating both fixed-route and paratransit services. STA is a participating agency in the Spokane Regional Transportation Management Center.
Third-Party Transportation Data SourcesEntities that provide real-time and/or historical data on the transportation system, e.g. through probe data. May be used to support traffic management, incident detection, travel time calculation, performance measurement, etc.
Third-Party Traveler Information Service ProvidersEntities that provide real-time traveler information products to the public, using public agency data, third-party probe data, or a combination of sources. Delivers information through a variaty of media including personal handheld devices and in-vehicle devices.
TravelersRepresents public users of the multimodal transportation system.
U.S. Department of Homeland SecurityFederal agency responsible for domestic security and emergency response. Includes the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Customs and Border Protection, the Transportation Security Administration, and others.
Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT)The Department of Transportation for Washington State, which coordinates and implements statewide ITS initiatives and administers the statewide transportaton system through its regional offices. Spokane County is located within WSDOT Eastern Region. WSDOT is a participating agency of the Spokane Regional Transportation Management Center.
Washington State Emergency Operations CenterStatewide Emergency Operations Center located at Camp Murray, WA.
Washington State Patrol (WSP)Statewide law enforcement agency for Washington, with significant traffic and emergency management related functions.
WSDOT Eastern Region OfficeThe regional office of WSDOT overlapping with jurisdiction over the Spokane region. Responsible for planning, implementation, operations, and maintenance of regional ITS infrastructure in the Spokane region and the surrounding rural counties.
WSDOT Incident Response TeamWSDOT has two incident response teams on duty on weekdays to respond to unplanned roadway incidents.